The Last Page
Finally It’s time to say Goodbye.

24 June 2017 at Singapore, I started the facebook page named “SUGIZOfans” and now we have 5000 followers.

I’m kind of workaholic. I worked creative marketing job for my own company. I was willing to die for my projects, just for the words ‘You’re great’ from my clients. I always let people judge the value of me,

Till one day I got sick with incurable disease. I had to take steriod.. a lot.. and a lot.. It’s so terrible. I gain my weight.. I lost my hair.. I always hurt all my body and marrow. But I still kept continued my company.

I can’t live without the words ‘Wow, You’re so great’ I worked hard.. I was sick.. I took a lot of med.. then I was back to work hard.. just for appreciation. I didn’t know at all that I was living in sadness.

And one day, last year, I had a miracle moment that completely changed my life. Music from that guy healed me, it was just a few min in Live but.. it’s just like flash back.. I mean I saw myself when I was young.

I recognized many things that I forgot. I was dreamer. I was crazy in music and I was always looking for the reason of living. But when I jumped to business 10 years ago, I forgot them all and there was only a word ‘money’ around me.

My work is marketing so I had to do everything to create strategy to make people love brands and pay for stuffs. I forgot everything inside me and SUGIZO took everything back to me in 3 minutes of Life on Mars?

I came back to Bangkok and shut down everything. I started my life again..

On 24 June 2017, I went to Singapore to see SUGIZO Live (with Inoran) And I was quite shock about amount of audience on that day. I knew I can do better. If he wanna hold Live in Bangkok I can make it happens with full of fans. And I will make Bangkok be one of city which he can list for his solo Live performing from now on. I do marketing job for my whole life. So I can do this, I wanna pay back for him.. and then SUGIZOfans Facebook Page is opened on that day, June 24 2017

I don’t know anything about his music (or anyone’s music) so I increase his fans by spreading his stories, his thought, his soul. I created campaign, interviews and special projects of Thai famous artists to show new fans how amazing he is. I hired many translators to translate his book, interview, vdo clips. I want fans remember SUGIZO as SUGIZO, not just SUGIZO of Luna Sea or X Japan and it works. I’m pretty sure he has more fans in my country now. And they love him bcos he is ‘SUGIZO’.

One year past, on June 24 2018 I spent my last day of project at Lunatic Fest. He was on stage, in front of me. I cried and told him in my mind “Thank you” and Goodbye.

Fans, I have to end this project. Bcos I can focus only one project. It means, in one year ago, every steps of my life, it’s all about SUGIZO. He is in my thought all the time. I always find the way to complete this project with success.

And now please let me move on to another project of my life. I already move out from Bangkok and try to learn to be agriculturist. I will make my life studio with planting trees. I can’t get back on music way as I had dream when I was kid. But I will learn to look inside myself and heal my soul with being a part of nature and live simple life. It will be hard if I still focus on SUGIZOfans.

I would like to thank you many fans who keep supporting me. You really are my good friends. Thank you for sharing love to me. Thank you so much.

And for SUGIZO, I am sorry If I did anything wrong and weird. I have a good reason for everything I did. Thank you so much for changing my life. You will be in my mind til my last day, with Love and Respect.

25 June 2018